Workplace organizational, personality and team design consulting to help you design the BEST combination of people, personality, and talents.



    Individual and Group Trainings in Sensitivity, Diversity, Communication, and Personality to develop your people to be their BEST.



    Executive coaching to provide individual focus, accountability and action to help your people implement new concepts and ideas and perform at their BEST.


    Solutions to help your People be Their BEST Professional Self™

    DB Pargman Consulting provides Best Practices to help your People be Their Best Professional Self™!

    We call it The BEST Spectrum for the “Behavior Expectation Spectrum of Talent™”.   Your people come to work with a diverse set of skills, backgrounds, experiences, and personalities. Put those all in the workplace sandbox and you can build great castles or end up with people with sand in their eyes crying in the corner.

    Today’s issues are not merely limited to compliance with EEO laws or checking the box with diversity training.  Peak performance in the modern workplace is about going beyond minimum thresholds of compliance and helping your people work together to their fullest potential.

    Whether you are facing a behavior that is legally actionable, is rude or insensitive, or merely reflects style differences that clash, DBP Pargman Consulting will help you and  your organization optimize behavior for peak performance.

    We help your people be their BEST!

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    Respond to Legally Actionable Behavior

    “Oh no he didn’t!”

    Good people can say or do bad things (or at least things they shouldn’t have said or done). Whether or not a formal complaint concerning a protected category has been filed or could be filed, the organization should take “prompt and remedial action” when an incident is made known to management.  When at termination is not the desired or appropriate action, DBP One-on-One Sensitivity Training provides evidence of your prompt remedial response and assists your key person in processing an incident and getting focus back on work.

    We work with CEO’s, Board Chairs, Owners, Executives, Vice Presidents, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Executives, Doctors, and other Highly Valuable personnel (often not accustomed to be being told how to behave). It’s our core experience and expertise for over 15 years and your top people will appreciate the opportunity to process and learn from the experience.


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    Respond to Rude or Insensitive Behavior

    “Uh, are you serious!”

    Much of the problematic and distracting behavior in the workplace does not concern a protected category or legal cause of action. However, while there may not be a law against being offensive, boorish or incentive, such behaviors can cause disruption and dysfunction to a team or organization.

    When a termination is not a desired or appropriate action, DBP’s One-on-One Sensitivity Training will assist your Key Person in understanding the consequences of their behavior and choices.  Our training teaches new skills to reduce tensions and disruptions to the workplace and increase productivity to contribute to a cohesive and cooperative environment.


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    Address Behavioral Differences that Clash

    “I just don’t like working with  . . .”

    Even very polite and talented people may have difficulty working together. We all have different personality types with varying interests, styles, and needs. Often, our different styles and needs cause tension and conflict in the workplace that lead to inefficiencies and dysfunction.

    DBP’s Personality Assessment Services utilized state of art scientific personality assessment to reveal the strengths and challenges of varying personality styles and needs to assist individuals, pairs, teams and entire organizations overcome challenges of working together and increase productivity.


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    Optimize Behavior for BEST Performance

    “It’s time to improve how we do things around here!”

    You have smart and talented people who get along (congrats!) and you want to improve HOW you do what you do. Most organizations spend endless time and energy on WHAT you do; however, only a very few elite high performing organizations spend time on HOW you go about doing it! When it’s time to reach Peak Performance through improving HOW you do your work, DBP’s Organizational and Management Consulting will assist in an analysis and design of HOW your team can be their BEST!


    The insight and science of The Birkman Method ®
    to help your people be their Best Professional Self!™

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