Our History

    Our company was founded in 1998 by Deena Pargman when landmark U.S. Supreme Court case decisions coincided with her doctoral research in behavioral sociology.  These groundbreaking decisions afford companies an affirmative defense against some workplace harassment suits when certain preventive measures and responses have occurred.  The shift in the law caused a demand for group and individual sensitivity, diversity, and anti-harassment education that Dr. Pargman stepped in to serve.   Since then we have met with, coached, and trained industry titans, corporate executives, top-sales executives, doctors, lawyers, coaches, military leaders, athletes and highly valued people across corporate America and the United States Government.  Through this experience we have gained a unique understanding and insight into the behaviors involved in and behind a broad range of human resource issues from managing a crisis to driving excellence.   Today, over 15 years later, DB Pargman Consulting LLC has grown to offer a variety of services and product to “Help Your People be their Best Professional Self.”

    Meet the team

    Deena B. Pargman, Ph.D.

    Founder & CEO

    Deena holds a Ph.D. from the University of Florida with academic research involving interpersonal relationship behavioral expectations. She was the first to offer Executive Sensitivity Training following the landmark Supreme Court Cases establishing an affirmative defense for companies who took prompt and corrective action following a harassment or diversity related incident.   Since her industry changing innovation over 15 years ago, Dr. Pargman’s practice has expanded to include communication skills and organizational and management consulting. She includes among a long list of prestigious clients The Coca-Cola Company, The Walt Disney Company, The United State Army, The United States Navy, The United States Department of Defense, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte and multiple real firms, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, college athletic programs, hospitals, law firms and state and federal agencies. Dr. Pargman is a certified Birkman Method ® consultant.

    Genie Sockel, Esq.

    Senior Trainer

    Genie is a Senior Trainer with DB Pargman Consulting. She received an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Yale and earned her law degree from Georgetown University.

    She practiced employment law at Seyfarth Shaw, one of the nation’s largest labor and employment firms. While there, Genie defended large and small companies in a range of employment matters.

    Ms. Sockel was an Employment Practices Trainer with Morgan Lewis in conjunction with a landmark harassment settlement case involving Ford Motor Company. Ms. Sockel has been with DBP since 2000 and provided individual and group trainings for a long list of public, private, non-profit and government clients.

    Carl L. Gould

    Director of Coaching

    Carl is the Director of Coaching at DB Pargman Consulting.  Mr. Gould is a Master Executive Coach and has guided CEOs, executives, managers, entrepreneurs and athletes alike to new levels of success.

    As an organizational and management consultant, Mr. Gould works with teams to enhance performance at all levels within private, public and family owned businesses.

    Mr. Gould is the author of The 7 Stages of Small Business Success and carries the credentials of Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA).  A dynamic speaker and trainer, Mr. Gould has worked with DBP since 2005

    What Sets Us Apart

    We know your Difficult but Important People

    All of our products and services are designed to help you and your people “Be Their Beset Professional Self.”  Do you have a brilliant doctor, executive, or scientist  . . .  who “nobody likes to work with?”  Is your COO a genius but the cause of “all the problems in the office?”  Or maybe your top sales-exec who is responsible for the majority of your revenue just seems to come from another planet and “doesn’t seem to get how things need to be done?”

    We have over 15 years of experience helping in just these situations – we’ve seen it before and we know where the solutions can be found.


    We help with THE HOW

    Business spends almost off of its time focused on what you do – your goals, your numbers, your outcomes, your dollars.  Yet, little time and energy is dedicated to how you go about doing all of this.  How do you interact with colleagues, how do you give feedback, how do you criticize, how do you motivate, how do you win engagement and support?  In short, we develop skills to help your people do what it is you expect them to do.  At DBP, it’s all about HOW to increase your people’s performance and HOW they contribute to your bottom line.

    We teach Skills

    We are about increasing your people’s skill sets.  While a problem, complaint or crisis may be the reason for taking action, our programs are not punitive in nature.  Organizations involve us because they want to keep and help and important person or team.  We help get you through the crisis, develop skills, and return your people back to work with increased focus and performance.

    Why Choose Us

    Our trainers and speakers are dynamic and entertaining.  Your people will ENJOY their sessions and ask you for more!  With a DBP training, your people will not be bored.

    • Dynamic
    • Understanding
    • Entertaining
    • Non-judgemental
    • Informative

    Our material and message is based on the real word and not top down academic, theoretical, or regulation forced from a content perspectives.  Our trainers understand and appreciate what actually happens in the workplace, the holiday parties, the trade shows, and the deadline all-nighters.  We are here to improve your skills for navigating reality and driving performance, not preaching wrote compliance.

    • Real World
    • Practical
    • Skills Based

    While are programs are about so much more than mere compliance and building a legal defense, we cannot lose sight of this basic threshold.  You organization should be able to document regular on-going anti-harassment training and education even if “you have no problems” to guard against the unknown in the future.

    If a situation exists you must reply promptly to fix and address it.

    • Prompt remedial action
    • Documentation of compliance
    • Contributes to future affirmative defense