Our Services

    One-on-One Sensitivity Training

    When a Key Person finds themselves involved in a workplace conflict or possibly the subject of a complaint, our One-on-One Sensitivity Training allows you to respond promptly to a situation, document your response, and assist your Key Person in processing an incident and returning their focus to productive work.


    Individual Personality Assessment

    Success achieved at work can largely depend on how well we understand ourselves and those with whom we interact. People skills are one of the most critical we can develop we utilize the full power of the  The Birkman Method® Assessment to help your people understand themselves and how to better work with others and teams.


    Executive Coaching

    Our Executive Coaching brings an ongoing methodology of support and implementation. Whether it is improving a golf game, learning to swing a baseball bat, or any other challenge the key to improving skills and changing behavior is ongoing, consistent practice coupled with follow up coaching – and your Key Person’s workplace people skills are no different.


    Group Sensitivity Training

    Our Group Sensitivity Training your team process an incident or a lingering tension, gain appreciation for diverse talents and behavioral styles while documenting recommended regular diversity and sensitivity education for purposes of building an affirmative defense to future claims.


    Team Personality Assessment

    How well does your team understand the various personality differences within the organization and are they being utilized to maximize performance.  Utilizing the power of the The Birkman Method Assessment we show your team their personality strengths, blind-spots and opportunities.


    Group Critical Communication Training

    Our Critical Conversation training will help your people identify when conversations turn critical, equip them to focus on the important issues while avoiding petty arguments and conflicts, contributing to the wealth of the collective knowledge and doing so in an environment where all parties can maximize their contributions.


    Team Organization Consulting

    Effective teams are strategically assembled based on an effective mix of talents and personalities.  Our team Personality Assessment tools will help you build and re-align teams for optimal performance whether a small working group, large department or the entire organization.


    Management Skills & Styles Training

    Leaders can manage in a number of varied styles but what is the optimum style for your team?  Using the technology of team personality mapping, we help managers and executives identify the interests, usual, needs, and stressors of your teams and align styles for optimum performance.

    Anger Management

    High intensity work or work environments can cause good people to show their worst sides.  Sometimes the pressure to succeed and delivery can come out in negative and angry manners that cause disruption.  DB Pargman’s Anger Management Services provides a forum for processing the root causes of demonstrations of anger and provides specific techniques and protocols for managing and mitigating anger in the workplace.

    Anger Management

    Positive and Skills Based

    Our programs are positive in perspective and about building skills to help your people improve, grow and be more productive.  

    Where is the Problem?

    Solutions for all types of people problems:

    • Legally Actionable Behavior,
    • Rude or Insensitive Behavior,
    • Behavioral Differences that Clash, or
    • Optimizing for BEST Performance.

    What is the Opportunity?

    Solutions to help your people be Their BEST Professional Self:

    • Individual Training
    • Group Training
    • Personality Assessment
    • Executive Coaching