Group Sensitivity Training

    DB Pargman’s Group Sensitivity Training provides best-available Sensitivity Training in a group format. Separate group trainings are available specifically for (a) Managers/Executives and (b) Employees. Our Manager/Executive program imparts corporate managerial responsibilities and skills and the Employees program addresses slightly different employee responsibilities and expectations. A combined Management and Employee program can be presented to respond to the unique needs of the smaller organizations.

    DB Pargman’s Group Sensitivity Training is an investment in the productivity and efficiency of the entire organization. When you announce a “sensitivity training,” your people may likely roll their eyes skeptically. Our Group Training will overcome that reluctance and skepticism and deliver an engaging and valuable program your people will thank you for. Our programs will help increase productivity, remove distractions, and support the defense of legal liability – all major enhancements to your bottom line.

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    “I’ve brought a lot of trainers into our company and Deena is the only one they keep coming back to me and asking if she can return.
    Deena has a unique way of conveying serious and sensitive information in a non-threatening, comfortable and entertaining manner.”

    Why Choose Our Group Sensitivity Training?


    • Demonstrate Prompt Corrective Action to a situation
    • Contribute to a legal defense against future claims
    • Help your team regain focus and get back to work
    • Build Skills for enhanced Productivity
    • Demonstrate commitment to your team’s success
    • Customized to particular situation or challenge
    • Document organization’s response to an incident

    Respond To:

    dbp - legal action - icon.004

    Best Practices response to situation involving a known or potential claim concerning legally actionable behavior short of termination.

    dbp - rude - icon.005

    Best Practices response to a situation involving a known or potential complaint even if subject is not legally actionable.

    difficult office behaviors that clash workplace conflict

    Strong starting point to explore Behavioral Differences that Clash when a team is having difficulty getting along.  Best Practices when combined with Personality Assessment & Briefing.


    FAQ's for Group Sensitivity Training

    Q: What benefits to Trainees receive at our Group Sensitivity Training?

    A: Our Group Sensitivity Training is a skill-building, educational investment in your team. It is not punitive, judgmental, blame-seeking or negative in anyway. Your team will understand the basic employment laws in a historical context to help them understand the importance and values of diversity.

    Q: What is covered in the Group Sensitivity Training?

    A: While the program will be individualized to meet the needs and experience of the Group, the Core Curriculum includes:

    • Understand the Law
    • Understanding Company Policy
    • Techniques for Self-Monitoring
    • Appreciation of different “Buttons” of Sensitivity
    • Tools for Managing Conflict

    Q: Can the Group Sensitivity Training be combined with a Group Personality Assessment Briefing be combined?

    A: Yes, they can be combined to form a two-day back-to-back program; however, they cannot be combined in a single day.

    Q:  Can multiple sessions of the same Group Training program be scheduled for the same day at one daily rate?

    A:  Yes, we can deliver two half day sessions at your facility for one daily rate.

    Q:  Can we combine two half day sessions of different programs on one day for the price of one full day training?

    A:  No.

    Q: How many people can attend one group session?

    A: Up to 35 students per class session.

    Q: The team that needs the training really does not want to attend and may be rude and I don’t want to put you in an awkward position, can you handle it?

    A: Yes. We’ve seen it all – there is a reason behind the behavior – we’ll get to the bottom of it and can handle it.

    Q: The team who needs the training did not really do anything wrong but I think could use a little nudge in the right direction, I don’t want this to be punitive, is that okay?

    A: Yes. Our trainings are skill based programs designed to help your people be their BEST.

    Q: Do you work with Federal Agencies?

    A: Yes, we are on the GSA Schedule of alskdf. Click here for the GSA Schedule.

    Q: Do you offer group online training services?

    A: No.

    Q: Where are the One-on-One Training Sessions conducted?

    A: Group trainings are held at your facility.

    Q: Do I get any documentation of the Group Training?

    A: Yes. Following the Training, you will receive a Training Completion Report which will document that the training took place and summarize the subject covered in the Training.

    Q: How long is the Group Training.

    A: We can deliver the Group Sensitivity Training in half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours) sessions.  The scope of the material is the same in the full and half day sessions.  The full day program allows us to dive deeper into the material and add roll play exercises which are omitted from the half day session.

    Q: We have been mandated to provide multiple days of Sensitivity Training, do you have a two or three day program?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Will your trainer offer legal advice?

    A: No.

    Q: Who are the Trainers?

    A: Click here for Trainer Bios.

    Q: Can I request a particular trainer?

    A: Yes.

    Q: What should the Trainee bring to the training or do to prepare?

    A: Nothing – if they can bring a positive attitude, that’s nice, but is not required.

    Q: What’s next?

    A: Click here to request a specific date or more information or simply call us at 1-866-387-3367