Individual One-on-One Sensitivity Training

    When a Key Person is involved in a harassment or diversity-related incident. Perhaps a complaint has been filed, or the organization has just become aware of some seemingly inappropriate behavior.  When the person involved is an executive, a highly-skilled manager, or a high-producing sales person, addressing the situation requires a specialized approach.

    This Key Person may be too valuable to terminate, or the behavior they engaged in mild enough that some response other than termination is appropriate.  We deliver the best practices for correcting the problematic behavior and protecting your company from future liability.

    We provide your Key Person with a proven process and appropriate forum to gain understanding of their behavior and the related personal and professional consequences.

    Participants emerge from the session ready to return to the workplace focused on applying what they have learned.

    Organizations tell us the combination of skill-building and processing is exactly what their Key Person needed during this challenging time. Trainees report outstanding value received for themselves and their organization. See our client testimonials as documentation of the program’s success.

    one on one sensitivity training

    “This training was OUTSTANDING!  It was the best 6 hours of my life!
    This is the longest anyone has ever listened to me.
    This training should be MANDATORY before anyone is employed at (my company).

    The best part was the ability to be honest and open with a neutral party who is well informed on the employment laws,
    had points of reference to draw from, and who was personable and balanced.”

    – One-on-One Sensitivity Trainee, 2014

    Why Choose One-on-One Sensitivity Training?



    • Demonstrate Prompt Corrective Action to a situation
    • Contribute to a legal defense against future claims
    • Help your Key Person regain focus and get back to work
    • Build Skills for enhanced Productivity
    • Demonstrate commitment to Key Person’s success
    • Discreetly delivered individually
    • Customized to particular situation and individual trainee
    • Provide opportunity for Key Person to process an incident
    • Document organization’s response to an incident

    Respond To:

    dbp - legal action - icon.004

    Best Practices response to situation involving a known or potential claim concerning legally actionable behavior short of termination.

    dbp - rude - icon.005

    Best Practices response to a situation involving a known or potential complaint even if subject is not legally actionable.

    difficult office behaviors that clash workplace conflict

    Strong starting point to explore Behavioral Differences that Clash when a Key Person is having difficulty getting along with others.  Best Practices when combined with Personality Assessment & Briefing.


    FAQ's for One-on-One Sensitivity Training

    Q: What benefits do Trainees receive at a One-on-One Sensitivity Training?

    A: Our 1-1EST is a skill-building, educational investment in your Key Person. It is NOT punitive, judgmental, blame-seeking or negative in anyway. Your Key Person will emerge having had the opportunity to process the incident and take big steps to putting it behind them and returning their focus to their work while at the same time retaining important lessons from the experience.

    Q: What is covered in the One-on-One Sensitivity Training?

    A: While the program will be individualized to meet the needs and experience of the Trainee, the core of the One-on-One Sensitivity Training involves a review of employment laws and developments that created the behavior expectations of the modern workplace, a personal inventory and review of a particular incident or experience, if relevant, an opportunity for the Trainee to process and explain their experience in a non-judgmental environment, and a planning session for next steps and actions to return focus to work and productivity. Perhaps the greatest value proposition of the session, however, is the opportunity for the Trainee to have a conversation with our experienced trainers who have shared similar experiences with similarly situated professionals over the past 15 years and can lend an understanding ear and perspective.

    Q: Can the One-on-One Sensitivity Training and Personality Assessment Briefing be combined?

    A: Yes, they can be combined to form a two-day back-to-back program; however, they cannot be combined in a single day.

    Q: The person who needs the training really does not want to attend and may be rude and I don’t want to put you in an awkward position, can you handle it?

    A: Yes. We’ve seen it all – there is a reason behind the behavior – we’ll get to the bottom of it and can handle it.

    Q: The person who needs the training did not really do anything wrong but I think could use a little nudge in the right direction, I don’t want this to be punitive, is that okay?

    A: Yes. Very often the Trainee did not do anything serious, but just needs a little help working with a new or different team or aligning different personality types – we can help.

    Q: The person who needs the training really messed up and this is our last attempt to save him before termination – the stakes are high and this guy is highly on edge, can you handle it?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Do you work with Federal Agencies?

    A: Yes, we are on the GSA Schedule of alskdf. Click here for the GSA Schedule.

    Q: Do you offer online training services?

    A: Yes, when travel or timing does not allow for a live and in person experience, we can provide 1-1 Sensitivity Trainings Sessions via online webinar.

    Q: Can more than one person attend a One-to-One Training Session?

    A: If more than one person requires training then it is considered a Group Training (Click here for more information about our Group Trainings.)

    Q: Where are the One-on-One Training Sessions conducted?

    A: Your choice – you can send the Trainee to Atlanta, or we can meet the Trainee in your home location or anywhere in the Continental US. The experience has a greater impact on the Trainee when they travel to us as it causes them to separate out the day and removes them from their local environment, reducing distractions and adding seriousness to the experience.

    Q: Is the One-on-One Session exclusive to my person or are their other Trainees also having their One-on-One Session at the same time?

    A: Your One-on-One Session is exclusive to your person – no one else is in the training room at the time of your session.

    Q: Do I get any documentation of the One-on-One Session?

    A: Yes. Following the Training, you will receive a Training Completion Report which will document that the training took place and summarize the subject covered in the Training.

    Q: Can I (as a company representative) get information on what specifically the Trainee talked about in the Training?

    A: We offer our One-on-One Trainees a commitment of confidentiality.

    Q: Is there any post-training follow up for the Trainee?

    A: Additional Executive Follow Up Coaching can provide for follow-up focus, accountability and action support following a One-on-One Training day. Click here for more information on Executive Coaching programs.

    Q: Can I (as a company representative) talk to the Trainer about the One-on-One Session after it occurs?

    A: Yes.

    Q: How long is the One-on-One Training.

    A: Generally one day beginning at 9:30 am and ending around 2:30 pm. We can be flexible to accommodate Trainee’s travel schedule and begin earlier or later.

    Q: We have been mandated to provide multiple days of Sensitivity Training, do you have a two or three day program?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Is this therapy?

    A: No.  Our One-on-One Trainings consist of general education, training and consulting, but not psychotherapy.  Our Trainers are not licensed mental health professionals.

    Q: Will your trainer offer legal advice to me or the Trainee?

    A: No.

    Q: Who are the Trainers?

    A: Click here for Trainer Bios.

    Q: Can I request a particular trainer?

    A: Yes.

    Q: What should the Trainee bring to the training or do to prepare?

    A: Nothing – if they can bring a positive attitude, that’s nice, but is not required.

    Q: What’s next?

    A: Click here to request a specific date or more information or simply call us at 1-866-387-3367