Organization Behavioral Charter

    What is the dominant culture of your office and organization and how does that affect productivity?  Would you describe your office as intense, laid back, friendly, competitive, cut-throat, kind, creative or stogy?  How should your office be described and what office personality best serves  your bottom line?  An effective organization will have a Behavior Charter purposefully matched to is mission, products, and customers.

    Most organizations adopt a culture by default without any conscious planning or thought and yet that default culture may or may not be a good fit for your customers, products, or employees.  Our Organization Behavior Charter Consulting will help you identify the behavioral environment you currently have and chart a course for designing a new Behavior Charter consciously and purposefully identified to best suit your bottom line.

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    “Most organizations adopt a culture by default without any conscious planning or thought and yet that default culture may or may not be a good fit for customers.”

    Why Choose Our Organization Behavioral Charter?



    • Create an office culture that serves your mission
    • Identify behaviors and customs adopted by default without purpose
    • Establish acceptable ways of interacting and communicating
    • Gain group buy-in for what is acceptable and what is not
    • Gain intensive understanding about team members
    • Get the keys to unlocking the motivation of co-workers
    • Build Skills for enhanced Productivity
    • Demonstrate commitment to a team’s success
    • Provide opportunity to understand an incident
    • Document organization’s response to an incident
    • Reduce conflict and inefficiencies
    • Minimize “the drama” – maximize performance!

    Respond To:

    difficult office behaviors that clash workplace conflict

    Explore differences between two co-workers and see where different personality types and styles compliment or frustrate one another.

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    People skills are one of the most critical skills sets we can develop.  Success achieved at work can largely depend on how well we understand ourselves and those with whom we interact.

    FAQ's for Organization Charter Consulting

    Q:  How is Organization Charter Consulting administered?

    A:  Three Steps:

    1. Administer Assessment – we will send your team a link via email to an online personality assessment; individual team members take the assessment on their own at their convenience; the assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete.
    2. Analyze Data – we will analyze the result of the assessment and prepare a lift of recommendations and concerns to go over with you.
    3. Consultation – we will meet with you at your site to review the data and recommendations.  We are available to spend as much or as little time with designing your optimal teams.

    Q:  Can the Consulting be customized to address a particular concern or situation?

    A:   Yes

    Q:  Will I receive any written reports?

    A:   Yes.  You will receive details data reporting on all of your team members and specific reporting on Issues to Watch where personality differences are likely to cause issues.

    Q: Can Organization Behavioral Charter Consulting be combined with  Group Personality Assessment Briefing be combined?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Do you work with Federal Agencies?

    A: Yes, we are on the GSA Schedule of alskdf. Click here for the GSA Schedule.

    Q: Where are the Group Training Sessions conducted?

    A: Your facility

    Q: Do I get any documentation?

    A: Yes. Following the Training, you will receive a Training Completion Report which will document that the training took place and summarize the subject covered in the Training.

    Q:  Who write the Charter?

    A:  We will facilitate drafting in concert with you.

    Q: What’s next?

    A: Click here to request a specific date or more information or simply call us at 1-866-387-3367