Team Organizational Design Consulting

    Do you have a team that is not getting along as well as you would like?  Are you building a team and want to make sure you have the right people on the bus?  You can have a room full of brilliant and talented people; however, if the personalities do not match and meld, then little will be accomplished.

    Our Team Organizational Design Consulting will help you reconfigure an existing team or build a new team to leverage personality interests, style, needs, and stressors utilizing The Birkman Method® Assessment and detailed reporting.

    Our Team Organizational Design Consulting will map the personality strengths of your team members or potential team members to highlight strengths and gaps so you can get the best mix of talent to work together effectively.

    The Birkman Method ® Assessment provides insight to:

    • Usual Behavior
    • Underlying Needs
    • Stress Behavior
    • Vocational Interests
    • Management Styles, and
    • Work Environment.

    We will administer the assessment to your team, provide and review detailed reporting, and assist in your analysis of this data to re-align and build teams and support hiring, promotion, or exit strategies for your people based on the data.  You will see your team personality puzzles pieces with clear and objective data so you can put the pieces together.

    “We had been battling with one of our senior people for months – she does very important work but she was driving everyone crazy!  

    Sitting down with DBP and looking at the personality grid of the entire team brought huge insights that have helped us work much better together.  

    We now have a whole new perspective and appreciation for why some of us drive each other crazy and why that may be a good thing.  Thank you.”

    Why Choose Our Team Organization Consulting?



    • Put the right people on the team
    • Build teams that will work well together
    • Build well rounded teams
    • See what your team is missing
    • Gain intensive understanding about team members
    • Get the keys to unlocking the motivation of co-workers
    • Build Skills for enhanced Productivity
    • Demonstrate commitment to a team’s success
    • Provide opportunity to understand an incident
    • Document organization’s response to an incident
    • Reduce conflict and inefficiencies
    • Minimize “the drama” – maximize performance!

    Respond To:

    difficult office behaviors that clash workplace conflict

    Explore differences between two co-workers and see where different personality types and styles compliment or frustrate one another.

    best workplace performance behavior office

    People skills are one of the most critical skills sets we can develop.  Success achieved at work can largely depend on how well we understand ourselves and those with whom we interact.


    FAQ's for Team Organization Consulting

    Q:  How is Team Organization Consulting administered?

    A:  Three Steps:

    1. Administer Assessment – we will send your team a link via email to an online personality assessment; individual team members take the assessment on their own at their convenience; the assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete.
    2. Analyze Data – we will analyze the result of the assessment and prepare a lift of recommendations and concerns to go over with you.
    3. Consultation – we will meet with you at your site to review the data and recommendations.  We are available to spend as much or as little time with designing your optimal teams.

    Q:  Can the Consulting be customized to address a particular concern or situation?

    A:   Yes

    Q:  Will I receive any written reports?

    A:   Yes.  You will receive details data reporting on all of your team members and specific reporting on Issues to Watch where personality differences are likely to cause issues.

    Q: Can the Team Organization Consulting be combined with  Group Personality Assessment Briefing be combined?

    A: Yes, they can be combined to form a two-day back-to-back program; however, they cannot be combined in a single day.

    Q: Do you work with Federal Agencies?

    A: Yes, we are on the GSA Schedule of alskdf. Click here for the GSA Schedule.

    Q: Where are the Group Training Sessions conducted?

    A: Your facility

    Q: Do I get any documentation?

    A: Yes. Following the Training, you will receive a Training Completion Report which will document that the training took place and summarize the subject covered in the Training.

    Q: What’s next?

    A: Click here to request a specific date or more information or simply call us at 1-866-387-3367