Team Personality Assessment

    Do you have personality clashes and conflicts in the office that are interfering with productivity?  Or perhaps you have a no problems but are wondering how to tune up your people power to run at optimal efficiency and productivity?

    DBP’s Personality Assessment & Briefings will reveal your team’s personality interests, style, needs, and stressors utilizing The Birkman Method® Assessment and detailed reporting.

    The Birkman Method ® is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment designed to assist achievement at work and at home. It integrates behavioral, motivational and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction across situations.

    Success achieved at work can largely depend on how well we understand ourselves and those with whom we interact. Much of our time is spent working with others to accomplish objectives.

    People skills are one of the most critical we can develop and The Birkman Method ® Assessment is a power tool to help understand ourselves and how we can better work with others and our teams. The Birkman Method ® is the personality assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success. It provides insight to:

    • Usual Behavior – effective behavioral styles for tasks and relationships.
    • Underlying Needs – how tasks and relationships should be governed,
    • Stress Behavior – ineffective behavioral styles when Needs go unmet,
    • Interests – vocational and avocational preferences,
    • Management Styles – approach to managing tasks and people, and
    • Work Environment – the work environment that brings the best support.

    “This training was OUTSTANDING!  It was the best 6 hours of my life!
    This is the longest anyone has ever listened to me.
    This training should be MANDATORY before anyone is employed at (my company).

    The best part was the ability to be honest and open with a neutral party who is well informed on the employment laws,
    had points of reference to draw from, and who was personable and balanced.”

    – One-on-One Sensitivity Trainee, 2014

    Why Choose Our Team Personality Assessment?



    • Get to the underlying root of conflicts and breakdowns
    • Gain intensive understanding about oneself and others
    • Get the keys to unlocking the motivation of co-workers
    • Build Skills for enhanced Productivity
    • Demonstrate commitment to a team’s success
    • Customized to particular situation and individual trainee
    • Provide opportunity to understand an incident
    • Document organization’s response to an incident
    • Reduce conflict and inefficiencies
    • Minimize “the drama” – maximize performance!
    difficult office behaviors that clash workplace conflict

    Explore differences between two co-workers and see where different personality types and styles compliment or frustrate one another.

    best workplace performance behavior office

    People skills are one of the most critical skills sets we can develop.  Success achieved at work can largely depend on how well we understand ourselves and those with whom we interact.

    FAQ's for Individual Personality Assessment

    Q: What benefits to Trainees receive from an Group Personality Assessment and Debrief?

    A: Our Group Personality Assessment uses The Birman Method (R) Assessment tool to provide deep insight into Interests, Usual Behavior, Underlying Needs, Stress Behavior and Management Styles of the Trainee.  Your team will obtain mind-blowing insight into themselves and their interactions with others.

    Q:  How is the assessment administered?

    A:  We will send your people a link via email to take the assessment online at their convenience prior to the Debrief.

    Q:  How much time is required to take the assessment?

    A:   There is no set time restriction.  Most people finish the assessment in about 30 minutes.

    Q:  What is covered in the Individual Personality Assessment Debrief?

    A: Life Style Grid and Selected Components.

    Q:  Can the Debrief be customized to address a particular concern or situation?

    A:   Yes

    Q:  Will the team receive any written reports?

    A:   Yes

    Q: Can the Group Sensitivity Training and Group Personality Assessment Briefing be combined?

    A: Yes, they can be combined to form a two-day back-to-back program; however, they cannot be combined in a single day.

    Q: Do you work with Federal Agencies?

    A: Yes, we are on the GSA Schedule of alskdf. Click here for the GSA Schedule.

    Q: Where are the Group Training Sessions conducted?

    A: Your facility

    Q: Do I get any documentation?

    A: Yes. Following the Training, you will receive a Training Completion Report which will document that the training took place and summarize the subject covered in the Training.

    Q: We have been mandated to provide multiple days of training, do you have a two or three day program?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Is this therapy?

    A: No. Trainees, however, report that the experience has therapeutic value in being able to share their side of a story in a non-judgmental environment with someone outside of their corporate environment and family.

    Q: Will your trainer offer legal advice to me or the Trainee?

    A: No.

    Q: Who are the Trainers?

    A: Click here for Trainer Bios.

    Q: Can I request a particular trainer?

    A: For Birkman debriefing, no as the Birkman requires a specialized certification.

    Q:  Can you do Personality Assessments for an individual who cannot attend the Group session?

    A:   Yes, please see Individual Personality Assessment =>

    Q: What should the Trainee bring to the training?

    A: Nothing – if they can bring a positive attitude, that’s nice, but is not required.

    Q: What’s next?

    A: Click here to request a specific date or more information or simply call us at 1-866-387-3367